Gander has many special features in geese

Geese are kept as pets for centuries because they were used for consumption and also the feathers of the animals were used to make jewelry and fillings for duvets. The gander is different in appearance and not by the female goose is on average three to four kilograms and a length of up to ninety centimeters of the same size as the female goose.

The life expectancy does not differ from the females. A domestic goose is up to seventeen years of age or older. Sexual maturity begins at age three Ganter, but already a year in advance, with the second year of life, looks for the gander a partner. His courtship with his chosen to advertise the gander. During mating the gander is his body in a targeted way to attract attention. He makes particularly around his neck and ruffles the feathers on the abdomen, to larger and thus more attractive to work for the female. Shows that it is the female interest, makes the gander continue with the courtship. The courtship will also help to clarify the pecking order in the group, as geese live in groups, the ranking is very important. Has a pair of geese are found, it remains a long life together until one dies of animals. In some cases, the remaining studied a new partner. This is not always the case. Although geese are already sexually mature at three years, many couples wait until the fourth year before they breed for the first time together. In a year, a pair of lay up to fifty eggs. The incubation period is twenty-seven to twenty-nine days. After this period the young hatch, which also are called goslings.

In geese broods the couple together forever. Both partners incubate and guard the nest and take care of the boys together later, which can run directly after hatching and also had been swimming and real food such as water and land plants, grains and fruits Geese are pure vegetarians. Geese grow up fast and live only about fifty to sixty days for their parents. After this time are very small and independently without their parents can find food and survive. Domestic geese are undemanding and require plenty of space to run and swim a low-cost food such as fresh grass and corn. In addition to sufficient running and swimming area, they need access to fresh drinking water and other geese to society.

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