Bar-headed geese – the astronauts among migratory birds

Bar-headed geese are one in the Himalayas and South Asia and resident bird species are grouped under the term zoological Anser indicus. This species of goose can be up to 80 cm long and be up to 3 kg. A special feature are the black stripes on the back of the head, like the dark, usually black or neck. The cervical spine is crossed by two white longitudinal stripes, while the shimmering silver feathers on the body often. The feathers on the end of the wings is also usually dark colored.

On the ventral side can again be seen a white plumage. The beak of this bird is on average about 5 inches long and held in a similar orange, like the feet of the geese. The young animals are usually dressed in muted natural colors, beak and feet are usually still gray. With increasing age, the soft brown tones of the young adult of the gray bar-headed geese. A Bar-headed Goose is a migratory bird, and thus change the location every six months. The geese migrate from their breeding grounds in the south of the Himalayas, mostly to India, Nepal or Pakistan, where they spend their winters. There you will find in lakes and swamps in an ideal living space. But before you reach the bar-headed geese leisurely winter quarters, they have forced the vast Himalayan mountain range to fly over. The highest mountains in the world requires special skills of migratory birds that have to cross these mountains.

The Bar-headed Goose is therefore able to fly even over 9000 m altitude. In the troposphere temperatures of up to minus 60 degrees Celsius, which must withstand the migratory birds. The geese flying over her perform at an absolutely exceptional performance. Because of the low oxygen content at these altitudes, the geese need a high number of red blood cells, which are able to bind and deliver enough oxygen to the muscles. According to reports, bar-headed geese have also been observed on the summit of Mount Everest. This makes the extraordinary ability to fly astronauts to the Bar-headed Goose among migratory birds. The food of geese consists mainly of aquatic plants and grasses. However, the food spectrum is expanded by occasional small animals such as insects or small fish. Another peculiarity of bar-headed geese in the fact that males and females respond usually a lifelong relationship.

Then breed in colonies along several pairs of geese. While the female cares for the eggs, the male is busy food to get. Also in Europe are occasionally found to be bar-headed geese. It is mostly escaped zoo birds. Germany became so far been sighted occasionally breeding bar-headed geese.

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